SMS for Airlines

5 days/40hrs

This course provides learners with a complete understanding of the current Safety Management System guidelines and best practices to implement it.

Objectives   Key Topics
  • Acquire practical techniques and skills to implement and manage a safety management system as well as measuring its performance.
  • Build a positive safety culture.
  • Target resources appropriately and measure the results.
  • Manage safety risks proactively.
  • Communicate effectively on safety with the civil aviation authority, customers, insurance underwriters and financial institutions.
  • Basic Safety Concepts
  • Introduction to SMS
  • SMS Planning
  • SMS Operations
  • Phased Approach to SMS implementation (ICAO)
  • Just Culture
  • Hazards Identification
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Measurement of the SMS
Target Audience   Activities
  • Experienced Airline, Airport, ANS Provider, Manufacturer and Maintenance Managers
  • Operations Supervisors and Managers
  • Aviation Board of Directors Members
  • Civil Aviation Authority Representatives
  • This course gives you practical experience using interactive exercises and case studies to understand the SMS components, just culture concept and other relevant issues.

An IATA Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course and final examination.

This course can be applied toward an IATA Diploma: Diploma in Safety Management for Airlines

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