Corporate Risk Management

3 days/24hrs

Learn about the Integrated Risk Management Technique, tailored for the aviation industry with an emphasis on operations.

Objectives   Key Topics
  • Obtain an overview of Integrated Risk Management Techniques
  • Understand risk management
  • Know how risk management can help an organization better
  • Manage your business and be more resilient
  • Need for risk management resilience to performance and economic changes
  • Conformance to IOSA, ISAGO and AHM risk management standards for the aviation industry
  • Introduction to risk management
  • Risk management process and components to be implemented
  • Step by step process to implement risk management in an organization
Target Audience  
  • Entities involved the air transport industry, e.g. airlines, ground service providers
  • Airports and Regulators and civil aviation authorities
  • Risk and Insurance Managers or Coordinators
  • Safety and Quality Managers

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