Emergency Planning & Response Management

5 days/40hrs

Design and execute an emergency plan with insight into ICAO, the National Transportation Safety Board and State regulations.


Participants should have a basic understanding of airline operations concepts prior to taking this course.

Objectives   Key Topics
  • Gain insight into the planning, development and execution of an emergency plan, and the parties and processes involved
  • Appreciate the roles and responsibilities of the emergency planning specialist
  • Improve your understanding of ICAO, the National
  • Transportation Safety Board and State regulations
  • Identify and outline potential issues in an emergency response situation
  • Responsibilities of the Airline
  • The Emergency Response Organization
  • Emergency Centers
  • Alarm and Mobilization
  • Airline Response Plan Development
  • Accident Investigation / Preservation of Evidence -Flight Data and Voice Recorder
  • Stations Emergency Procedures
  • Humanitarian Response
  • Cultural Differences
  • Public Relations Procedures
  • Technical Support
  • Passenger Information Center
  • Special Assistance Team Center
  • Passenger Property Handling
  • Security Procedures
  • Insurance, Legal, Financial Procedures
  • Response Plan Implementation
Who will benefit  
  • Emergency planning managers/ inspectors
  • Station managers
  • Quality managers
  • Security managers
  • Operations managers
  • Emergency and family assistance
  • managers/coordinators
  • This course gives you practical experience using interactive exercises and case studies.

An IATA Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course and final examination.

This course can be applied toward an IATA Diploma: Diploma in Safety Management for Airlines

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